2023 – Northern Virginia, Fairfax, Chantilly Newborn and Maternity Photographer

2023 had a lot happening and I’m thankful that it’s over and that a new year has come. I’m so thankful to all my clients, friends and family who have continued to support me through the years. Watching your children grow up has been my greatest blessing.

Best of 2022 | Northern Virginia Newborn, Maternity and Family Photographer

Another year has come and gone. Thank you for your continued love and support. I wouldn’t be here without my amazing clients. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts from me and my family. 

Best of 2021 | Northern Virginia Newborn, Maternity and Family Photographer

2021 is definitely not without it’s struggles but I am thankful that we’ve survived it thus far. WE MADE IT! I say this often but maybe not often enough…. I am truly thankful for each and every one of you. Thank you to all my families that

Best of 2020 | Northern Virginia Newborn, Maternity and Family Photographer

  2020 has been one intense and crazy year. It’s been hard for everyone in one way or the other. My heart goes out to all the families that have been affected. As I reflect on this past year I remember being so excited for 2020 because

Best of 2019 | Northern Virginia Newborn, Maternity and Family Photographer

Chieu Lee Photography 2019 has been such an amazing year of growth and knowledge that I’m so excited to see what 2020 holds for me. I won’t bore you with all the details but again thank you to all my families for trusting me to capture such

Yokoyama Newborn Studio Family Pictures

Newborn studio sessions are always really calming and relaxing. We always just go with the flow and pose according to how comfortable the parents are and how baby is feeling at the moment.

Nigl Lifestyle In-Home Newborn Family Portraits

In-home family sessions are a great and fun way to incorporate your home into your newborn family sessions. Please contact me if you’re interested in an in-home newborn family portrait session! I look forward to meeting you and your family!

O’day Newborn Studio Family Portraits

Mommy, Daddy and baby girl! Congratulations to this sweet family! I’m so happy for you and excited to see baby grow! She’s so precious!

Rodriguez Newborn Studio Family Portraits

Ideal newborn portraits  are normally taken within 5-10 days after delivery but we can always have the session afterwards as long as you’re ok with having “awake” pictures of baby. I think it’s adorable either way. The most important thing is to have the newborn pictures done

Wildason Newborn Studio Family Portraits

Preparing for a newborn sessions could be really stressful especially for new parents but don’t worry I’ve got you covered! Just make sure to bring extra milk, diapers, and wipes. I’ll take care of the rest. You’re even welcome to take a nap while I take pictures

Buonforte Newborn Lifestyle Family Portraits

Each newborn session is unique to each family. Lifestyle newborn sessions are curated to capture the family during that special time, and how beautifully decorated their home is in anticipation for baby.  Baby will be lightly wrapped during the sessions and/or with a special outfit mom has

Newborn Lifestyle Twin Family Portrait Session

With grandparents and family visiting, in-home lifestyle newborn sessions are easily one of the most favorite sessions. They’re super casual and relaxed. You don’t have to travel anywhere and I come to you. All that is needed are lots of smiles and lots of light.

Shmatov Newborn Studio Family Session

My home studio will have all the props, accessories, and baskets for the session. We also have extra wipes, diapers and formula just in case you forgot yours at home. Studio sessions are a bit more formal and posed but still relaxed and dependent on the baby.

Neyland Newborn Lifestyle Portrait Session

I remember the first session we had together they had brought me flowers. I thought it was the sweetest encounter ever. I had the privilege and honor of following this family since the beginning! You can check out the beginning of their story here. Their home was

Kelley Newborn Studio Portrait Session

He was such a good chunky newborn baby! We had a great session molding him! Mommy wanted him in a cute pod outfit and then bum naked! So cute and handsome! Congratulations to this sweet family!

Blake Newborn Lifestyle Portraits

In-home lifestyle newborn sessions are so fun when the parents are up for anything and baby is super chill.

Knear Newborn Studio Portrait Session

Studio newborn sessions aren’t always easy with toddlers but big brother was super sweet and excited to be a big brother! Being a photographer for my friends and family is especially sweet. Thank you for blessing me with this precious time of your lives.

O’Neil Newborn Family Portrait Session in Chantilly Virginia

The cutest picture perfect family! I’m so happy for them and it was such an honor being able to be there for them! Mom and dad were just beaming from ear to ear! Precious little baby girl didn’t even make a peep! We had a wonderful session

Nguyen In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Family Portrait Session in Oakton Virginia

I love when my clients choose me for their maternity and newborn portrait sessions. Because I get to spend so much time with my families I feel like they’re family to me now and being able to be there to capture those memories for them is so

Buckles One Month Newborn Family Studio Portrait Session

It’s never too late to photograph your little one! It’s whenever you are ready! A lot of my clients write to me and ask me last minute if i’m available for a newborn session not realizing that past a month they’re already not a newborn anymore. My

Bruno Newborn Family Studio Portrait Session

I’m a little biased when it comes to newborn portrait sessions. I’m in love with newborn baby girls because there are so many props and hair bows I can put on little girls! I can also do a lot of shades of pinks and lace! With the

Lance Newborn Studio Family Portraits in Chantilly Virginia

Mom and dad, you’re going to be great! I’m so happy for you guys! I know baby is going to love sailing as much as you guys! Maybe one day we could even do a session on a boat! That’d be fun! Thanks again so much for

DeFlorio Newborn Lifestyle Family Session on location in Fairfax Virginia

Based out of Northern Virginia, Chieu Lee Photography specializes in portrait photography for maternity, newborns, babies, children, toddlers, pregnancy, and families. Being a mother of two children. I am very experienced in coddling and gently handling your infant. I understand that the safety of your newborn is paramount. I feel like

Lee Newborn Family Portraits in my home studio in Chantilly Virginia

I am reminded of how beautiful and valuable life is when I see the look on parents’ faces as they look at their newborn.  This dad and mom were so adorable admiring their precious little one; you could see how much love they had for her.  Mom even brought

Wilhelm Newborn Studio Session in Chantilly Virginia

As a newborn photographer I have a lot or props, accessories, and baskets for my newborns but my heart always tends to lean towards a neutral color palette. Looking forward to making memories with your little munchkin.

Cheung Newborn Studio Family Portraits

With two toddlers and a newborn, mommy had her hands full. Thank goodness grandma was able to come and help since dad had to work that day!  The older siblings were also so sweet and cute.  They were so excited about their baby brother, I know they will

A simple newborn studio session

As a reminder, it is always a good idea to bring extras of these items to ensure a successful studio session: extra milk, diapers, clothes and a pacifier.  You can never be too prepared!  I would love for everything to go as smoothly as possible so help

Newborn Studio Family Portraits in Centreville Virginia

As a parent myself, with all these different types of social media outlets I can see why some are nervous for me to post their pictures on Facebook, Instagram and etc. but I do have to be very active online. So if for some reason you don’t

Bouillot Newborn Family Studio Portraits | Chantilly Virginia

I remember the first time I met them for their maternity session at Burke Lake Marina. It didn’t feel like it was that long ago and here we are with their precious little bundle of joy! He’s so adorable! I’m so honored that they chose me to

Garcia In-Home Newborn Family Portraits | Newborn Photographer

The weather is getting so much more pleasant these days that I am trying to enjoy it as much as I can before winter gets here.  I went out to Ashburn for another newborn shoot.  What a gorgeous area!  It was such an amazing drive, being able

Cannon Newborn Family Portraits | Fairfax Newborn Photographer

I love big families, especially when grandma is also there!  This sweet family welcomed their third child, a precious and beautiful girl, into the world.  And I absolutely loved the way they decorated their nursery.  What a special way to celebrate a new life.  Sleep well, sweet

Mcintyre Newborn Family Portraits | Fairfax Newborn Photographer

I have a Pomeranian whom I consider as part of my family, so I was excited to be able to include this family’s furbaby in these pictures.  Pet owners understand that they are family too!  He had so much energy the entire time.  He even ate my

Shin Newborn Family Studio Portraits | Newborn Photographer

I find newborn photo sessions to be so exciting, especially when it is with first -time parents.  There is so much excitement when looking into the future at all the possibilities.  It was such a joy to work with them. I love the simplicity of the white

Guerra Studio Newborn Family Portraits | Chantilly Newborn Photographer

I love it when clients contact me again because it’s like being given the opportunity to be a part of another chapter in their life.  But it isn’t just about those key moments, although those are great in and of themselves.  It’s also about the chance to

Anikhindi Newborn Family Portraits | Fairfax Newborn Photographer

Lighting is extremely important to every photographer because it can have a drastic effect on how a photo turns out.  Using light, we are able to create different effects in order to get the image that we want.  When I get to any location, lightning is the

Woodward Newborn Studio Family Portraits | Chantilly VA Newborn Photographer

Those tiny fingers and those tiny toes! Sadly they don’t stay small forever so don’t forget to book your session ahead of time if you want your newborn photographed!  The best time for a newborn session is between 5-10 days-old when they are spending a lot of

Kennedy Newborn Family Portraits (in-home/on-location) | Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

Parenthood can be exciting, exhausting and daunting; sometimes all at the same time. It’s natural because we all want to be the best for our children. I pray that your family will always be filled with love and mercy. Through every up and down that comes with

Cooper’s Newborn Studio Portraits in Chantilly Virginia

I met them when there was only two… then three… now four! It’s been such an amazing adventure watching them grow! They’re not going to even realize how fast time flies and how these two little boys are going to be fast friends! They’re so adorable! I

King Newborn Studio Portrait Session | Chantilly Virginia

Being a full time mom of two and a photographer, I’m constantly running around that I barely have time to update my blog posts but when I do get a chance to I can’t seem to stop! I just love reminiscing about my families and wishing I

Diette Newborn Family Portraits | Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

I don’t normally get to meet a beautiful baby boy with platinum hair! He was so adorable. Mom and dad did a great job decorating the nursery! I think the saddest thing is that I don’t get to spend more time with the families that I meet!

Leddy Newborn Family Studio Portraits | Chantilly Virginia

The little man is so loved! Parents brought grandma’s blanket, his name on a train and a super cute outfit for the session! Mom and dad were elated with joy! Just looking at the little man almost made them cry which in turn made me almost cry!

DePeralta Newborn Twin Family Studio Portraits | Chantilly Virginia

I’ve always wanted twins…one boy and one girl and then call it quits but now that I’ve had kids I realized that I would not have been able to handle it. Mom and dad, props to you! You’re amazing parents! I can’t even imagine what you have

Dette Newborn Family Studio Portraits | Chantilly Virginia | Newborn Photographer

Meeting new parents are always so much fun! They’re so excited but tired. You can see how hard they’ve worked to take care of their new little human and all the love that is poured onto that little one. He was so cute and cuddle and a

Suthrave Newborn Family Portraits on location (in-home) | Vienna Virginia | Newborn Photographer

I was there for big brother and now I get to be there for little brother. I’m definitely beyond way blessed. I’m so truly happy for this family and when I got to their house it was picture perfect for the session. Everything was prepared. Heater was

Britz Newborn Family Portraits on location (in-home) | Centreville, Virginia | Newborn Photographer

Being a newborn photographer is definitely a rewarding job! I’m so happy and pleased to be able to provide my families with images that will last them forever. I love seeing the tenderness and joy in every image that I take. I think lifestyle newborn photography is

Chankong Newborn Family Studio Portraits | Chantilly Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

Cutest family ever! Seriously, the boys were so adorable and loved their little brother! Mom and dad were awesome too! They’re going to be such great big brothers! I can’t wait till my kids are older! They were just so happy to have someone new to play

Bjork Newborn Family Portraits | Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

My families are so adorable when they come color coordinated! They remind me of a true American, red, white and blue couple! I feel like I should’ve taken this on the Fourth of July! I’m so honored and blessed to have been raised in such an amazing

Ortiz Newborn Family Portraits | Chantilly, Virginia

I was born and raised in Texas. So seeing another Texan in the Nova area was more than thrilled even though they were from A&M. It’s a huge deal in Texas. I’m a Longhorn fan (University of Texas at Austin) and my client is from University of

Jackson Newborn Family Portraits | Chantilly Newborn Photographer

I love simple neutral colors, props and decor. If for your newborn session you’d like something different or more bold or themed. You’re welcome to bring those props with you to the session. ie. (Star Wars themed or Harry Potter themed). Your also even welcome to bring

Mondido Newborn Baby Lifestyle Portrait Session | Chantilly Virginia Baby Photographer

Mom and dad had prepared everything! Now it was just me and the baby! We had lots of fun crying, cuddling and snuggling (my favorite part of the job)! Little bunny rabbit don’t grow up too fast! Mom and dad I’ll see you soon!

Tovar Newborn Family Studio Portraits | Chantilly Newborn Photographer

I love watching mom and dad with their new babies. So gentle, careful and loving. I love just capturing that moment when they just like at their newborn and can’t believe that baby is really here. Those little toys, hands, nose and feet. It reminds me of when

Alwine Newborn Baby Portraits | Northern Virginia Baby Photographer

They’re so little and so precious. These tiny little humans of ours. They’ll grow soon enough that you won’t even realize it. I remind each of my families to cherish every moment because I already miss it. My kids aren’t even that old yet and I already

Carrasco Newborn Family Portraits | Newborn Photographer | Chantilly Virginia

I just love how dad looked at mom! Images like these are what I live for! To capture that tender moment in time just for my families! It’s so vulnerable and filled with so much love! So happy for this beautiful family! I was very excited when

Villota Newborn Baby Portraits | Fairfax, Virginia

Being a new mom and dad is definitely exhausting but it’s all worth it while you just snuggle them while they’re asleep! Key is while they’re asleep….just kidding. They’re always worth it you just might not feel like it when they’re screaming their heads off! I remember

Zhao Newborn Baby Portraits | Northern Virginia Baby Photographer

You’ll see in a lot of my pictures some I edit a lot more than others and some I like to leave the flaws behind. I love the picture of baby’s belly button area below down to each and every flake. It just makes it feel so

Cunza Newborn Family Portraits | Fairfax Virginia Photographer

I think a very important part of being a photographer is getting to know my families. As I get to know my families it helps me capture them better. While taking pictures for each of my families, I’ve prayed that each of them enjoy their little ones

Goodrich Newborn Portraits | Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

Had such an amazing time with this family and they were so adorable! Baby L was so cute! I loved spending time with him and taking pictures of him. He was super cuddly and never cried! Fur baby was super excited for the photo shoot too.

+ Baby J + Newborn Baby Portraits | Northern Virginia Fairfax Photographer

I was so lucky I got to meet this little guy! He was so adorable and his sister just loved him so much! Momma you did a great job! Those chunky cheeks and adorable little toes. I’m just so in love with this family. I pray they

Johnson Newborn Family Portraits | Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

Being trusted by a family to capture such precious memories makes my heart just melt! I’m seriously floored every time someone contacts me and wants me to be there for them. It’s a hard time in your life where you’re getting no sleep but so in love

Ahn Newborn Family Portraits | Fairfax Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

Precious little baby! Welcome! I pray that you are filled with lots of love, peace and happiness! So truly happy for your family. Mom and dad love you so much! They talked about you the entire time even before we met! So happy for you mom and

Yoon Family Newborn Portraits on location (in-home) | Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

Having a baby is like falling in love again, both with your husband and your child.

Mason Newborn Family Studio Portraits | Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Precious baby you are so precious you don’t even know how much! Mom and dad were eagerly awaiting your arrival! They

DeNola Newborn Family Portraits | Ashburn Newborn Family Photographer

What a great honor it was to be able to capture this family in their home! We got to meet through a mutual friend and didn’t realize we had so many things in common! I just loved this family and grandma was the best she served tea

Yip Newborn Family Portraits | Fairfax Virginia Newborn Photographer

It’s been wonderful being a part of the growth of this family! This new addition he looks just like his mom!! I’m so thrilled for them and can’t wait to see what kind of personality he’ll have compared to his brother!

Suthrave Newborn Family Portraits on location (in-home) | Virginia Newborn Photographer

Too many cute pictures too little time! I couldn’t post them all so you’re just going to have to take my word for it that we loved all of them! Great family and super cute baby! I couldn’t have asked for more! I’m looking forward to seeing

+ Grayson + We’re so happy that you’re here! | Virginia Newborn Photographer

Dropped in on this cutie pie, mom was worried because he had just slept and was afraid we couldn’t get any sleeping photos. Dad was sad he had to miss out but had to work. Mom and I worked really hard and fed him so much and

+ Congratulations to the Singh Family + | Virginia Newborn Photographer

He finally arrived! It was such an honor and blessing that I got to spend some time with this little guy and his sweet family! I got to share this wonderful time with the grandparents from out of town and parents! It was a great time!

Wong Baby Portraits on location (in-home) | Clifton Virginia Baby Photographer

She is just the sweetest! Sleeps anywhere and seems to never cry! Mom is able to take her everywhere! She’s a big cute, smiley blob right now but that’s all going to change very soon! Then momma’s gonna have a handful with two girls in the home!

Jane Newborn Portraits | Merrifield Newborn Photographer

Taking pictures of your own newborn is probably one of the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I know I could have easily hired someone to do it for me but there’s just something about taking your own images for your own child. I don’t regret

Josiah Newborn Portraits | Fairfax Virginia Newborn Photographer

So many babies in this area and they just keep popping out! This cute little booger made me want one of my own. He was just so easy, quiet and calm. I hope he let mommy and daddy sleep well.

Edmund’s Newborn Baby Portraits

Oh boy! He was a tough one! Such character!!! He wouldn’t sleep and fought sleep till the end! No matter how milk drunk he was or how much he was rocked or hushed! He just had his own will and spunk! Loved it! Luckily he let me