Capturing the precious life of a baby

My Photography

I believe newborns are perfect just the way they are.  I prefer the minimal use of props on a neutral color palette in my photography. The focus should always remain on the adorable and cute features of the baby.

My time in the fashion industry taught me one thing. It’s that we are each given a uniqueness to ourselves. Embracing that uniqueness allows others to want to embrace and celebrate that along with us. My art is about capturing what is unique, not about erasing it.

Every baby has their own traits, whether it’s a physical trait or a unique personality. Some newborns will sleep plenty in their early weeks, others will be wide-eyed curious. Let’s capture how your baby is and allow that beautiful memory to be remembered across our generations.

Session Info

Chieu Lee

Chieu Lee is a published professional photographer with over 15 years of experience across fashion and family portraiture. She specializes in pregnancy, newborn, baby and family photography. Her newborn photography studio is in the Northern Virginia area in Chantilly (Fairfax County). Her portrait style embraces the natural emotions and wraps them with natural light and soft textures.

About Me


Her photography focuses on the precious early life of a baby, from pregnancy to birth and into their youth.


Her studio provides hundreds of accessories including headbands, textured cloths, baby wraps, baskets, and props.


Families are welcome at the newborn sessions. Packages provide options to pose the baby with their parents and siblings.


My home studio is designed to provide a warm and comfortable space for a newborn. On-location lifestyle options available.

“She handled our baby so lovingly yet professionally that she was able to calm her down and deliver us beautiful pictures.”

My Portfolio

My photography is comprised of two distinct styles – posed studio sessions and on-location lifestyle sessions.

Posed studio sessions leverage props and accessories that beautifully embellish the memory of your child at their newborn stage.

On location lifestyle sessions focus on the beautiful memories that capture you and your newborn in your home. Newborns are lightly wrapped in more relaxed poses to allow the focus to be on the home and family.

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