Tips For A Successful Newborn Session

Newborn photography is definitely challenging but the most rewarding! Here are a few tips and planning preparation to make it an even more successful newborn session.

  • Schedule – Let’s schedule you in during your second trimester and we’ll pencil you in to make sure you’re on our schedule! We’ll schedule a tentative date and then contact us as soon as you deliver to reconfirm and/or reschedule your session date and time.
  • Delivery Day – Newborn sessions are normally done 14 days from delivery but the BEST time is in between 3-7 days. After day 14 it is really difficult to get baby into deep sleep. We can still schedule the session but we won’t be able to get baby in the regular newborn poses anymore.
  • Location – It can be done in the comfort of your own home but I do highly recommend that if it’s a cloudy day or your home doesn’t get enough light you should come into the studio.
  • Style – A lifestyle session is a more casual session done in your home and a more posed and formal session is done in studio.
  • Lighting – An in home session requires an abundant amount of light in your home. Mid morning to late afternoon has the best amount of light for an in-home session. You’ll need to open all curtains and blinds for the session.
  • Temperature – Newborns like it nice and toasty. You’ll have to turn up the thermostat between 75-80 degrees for baby. The studio will be nice and warm too.
  • Awake – Try your best to keep baby awake 30 minutes prior to the session so that baby can be in deep sleep for the session.
  • Feeding – To maximize our session time together please feed baby prior to the session. 
  • Noise – To keep our newborn in the most optimal sleep I try to always have a sound machine on. If there are siblings please have things for them to do so they can stay as quiet as possible. 
  • Patience – Sometimes we’ll have babies that poop 3x during a session and that’s ok! We’ll just be patient and wait until baby settles down. 
  • Relax – Baby can sense that you’re tense too so just take a deep breath and relax!
  • Props – I have lots of props, hats, and wraps for baby. You don’t have to worry about anything BUT you’re welcome to bring a prop that is specific to you, your family or something meaningful. ie. Dad’s stuffed animal, grandmas quilt or army gear. 
  • Outfits – I would recommend wearing something simple with not too much pattern. 
  • Manicure & Pedicures – You’ll be holding baby, handling baby and your hands and possibly toes could be in the pictures. Make sure to manicure them and lotion them well!