Since high school, Chieu has been drawn to photography as her passion. Although she graduated from the University of Texas with a computer science degree, her heart drew her back to photography in the early 2000s. Since then, she chased her passion to become a full-time photographer.

She started her photography on the West Coast and eventually moved to Atlanta where she became ingrained into the fashion culture. Her experience and work there has shaped her photography dramatically. Her belief of capturing the natural and avoiding the artificial drove many to appreciate her art to beautifying the unique traits of each person.

Chieu, a mother of two children, has gently posed hundreds of babies in her studio to capture some of the most precious moments of a newborn. Her artistic style lends to neutral colors with a mesh of beautiful textures to compliment the natural beauty of life.

Her passion for family, tied with her strict training under leading photographers in the industry, drives her to capture the subtleties and unique personalities of each beautiful baby and family she partners with. She is driven by her heart for people and her comforting personality.

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