My goal is to capture your family at your most relax and natural state.

  • Relax – The most important thing you can do is to relax.  The children will be stressed if you are stressed (even newborns can sense stress).  Just have a fun time with the family and do silly things together!
  • Say NO to cheese – Avoid saying the word “cheese” it creates an unnatural smile.  I want to capture their natural smiles.
  • Avoid – standing off to the side and trying to get the kids to smile. I need them to be looking at me and smiling.
  • Well Fed – It sounds silly but make sure the kids are well fed, slept well and changed (if they’re young) as much as possible. I know sometimes its just not possible but don’t worry about it!
  • Clean – Please make sure all marks are removed (ie. markers, stickers, and tattoos).
  • Manicured – Your hands and feet could possibly be in the session so make sure to manicure and lotion them well.
  • Location – Sessions vary from being very formal in studio sessions to a more casual on location to an even more intimate session in your home.