What I love about Northern Virginia is the amount of history you can see just by driving around a little bit.  I love scouting and finding new locations so sometimes, I’ll ask my client during consultation the type of location they like more: traditional or modern.

Traditional locations are what most people prefer and the pictures that you normally see inside photo frames when you buy them from the store.  These photo sessions would take place in the park around trees or near a lake.

Modern locations are perfect for you if you are looking for something different.  These photo sessions are taken in studio or out in the city near buildings to give it an urban feel.

What type of family are you? 

The Waterfront in Alexandria, VA is a beautiful location because it has a little bit of both!  I am so thankful that this sweet couple shared this location with me.  They both love sailing and water so this location means a lot to them.  I had an amazing time spending the evening with them.