I was so happy to be able to do this family’s portrait session.  They have been amazing friends and supporters of my work for so many years and I love them so much.  Their two girls are amazing too!  It was great how willing they were to do whatever pose I suggested.

Here are some more tips to assure for a great portrait session!

  1. Plan your outfits ahead of time.  You want your outfits to coordinate with each other but not match.  Take theme and color scheme into consideration.
  2. While wanting the perfect photo session can make anyone feel stressed out, it is best when the parents are relaxed and excited.  Being nervous will affect the kids so try to stay calm and have fun!
  3. Make sure that the kids have had their sleep and are well-fed before the shoot.  You can even bring snacks just in case.  It’s a good way to make sure that they have energy and are happy!