First birthdays are joyous occasions no matter where you’re from, and in a Korean tradition that dates back for generations, they are celebrated with a special ceremony called a doljanchi (돌잔치).  Often elaborate celebrations put together with much preparation, dohl/dols not only mark the first year but also are for friends and family to gather in order to bless the birthday baby.  The birthday baby is usually dressed in a traditional clothing called a hanbok (한복).  Some of the other staples found in these festivities include mounds of colorful rice cake called tteok (떡) and a seaweed soup known as miyeokguk (미역국).

But perhaps the most exciting part of the doljanchi is the doljabi (돌잡이), which is where an assortment of items are placed before the baby to see which of them the child chooses first.  Items can range from a pencil to a microphone to money.  The idea is that the item chosen predicts the child’s future.  It’s always a fun time as friends and family try to coax the baby in a certain direction.

Thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer and allowing me to be there for your special day! Happy Birthday babies!