What to wear


I love beautiful long flowing solid color dresses to show off that belly of yours and a change of clothes with pants for something a bit more casual. Makeup and hair can be very simple to something for extravagant. I would just make sure that you’re wearing comfortable shoes and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty in case you need to sit/lay down in the grass or on a bench.


I love including family members if they’re willing to be in the shoot. I love capturing mom, dad, grandparents in the session. For adult clothes, it’s totally up to you but for mom I suggest something comfortable since you’ll be in recovery mode still from the hospital and adjustment for lack of sleep. For baby, we’ll start with naked baby, then possibly a wrap or two and a couple outfits (something that you’d like or from grandparents).


For family sessions, are we doing a fall shoot? If so, I love browns, neutrals, blacks and maroons with boots, scarves, jackets, sweaters, and hats. Are we doing Christmas card pictures? Think white shirts/dresses, jeans, and reds accent colors! If we’re doing a spring session, think spring/summer dresses, white shirts for the fellas in the family with khaki pants or jeans.

***For all shoots just think simple. It doesn’t have to be elaborate and you don’t have to go out of your way to buy new things just for the sessions unless that’s something you want to do! Most of all just relax and have fun!